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Sales Training English

Hi there!

Here it is, for the first time: a public seminar on sales skills in English language!

Time: 2 days

Location: GfiVE Seminar room, Karmeliterplatz 8/1, 8010 Graz

Why should that excite you?

If international markets are a topic for you - you may plan to enter them or you are doing business there already - selling and negotiating in English will be important for some of your sales people. This may be a problem, especially when you want to equip only one or two sales people with the latest know-how in selling skills - not the number you need for an in-house training.

So what to do?

One possible solution is to provide language training in Business English with native speakers with teaching experience and work in small units. This is a very good start! You can beat that one with a sales expert with lots of experience in international sales training with top English language skills! That way, your people can improve their English skills and work on their saes skills at the same time! Better still, if all this is provided in local Austrian conditions, involving no hassles with travelling abroad, causing high costs and all that stuff!

Here's the solution:

Public sales training in English language in Graz with Patrick Bubna-Litic

Patrick, founder and owner of GfiVE® Consulting GmbH, has lived in Australia for eight years, where he studied Political Science and Strategic Studies, finishing with a Masters degree at the Australian National University.

After some years in retail, he has worked for Achieveglobal as a consultant and trainer. During this time, he planned, organised and delivered training projects for global players, like Hewlett Packard, Reuters International, Honeywell, GE Medical, Glaxo, Novo Nordisk, Bayer Academy.  At the same time he did sales trainings in English (and German, of course!) for many Austrian companies

After founding his own company in 2004, he is doing sales training for Haidenhein and Keller Geotechnics, manages international sales training for Lorencic International in local languages and acts as a guest speaker at international sales conferences.

His clients regard Patrick as the "hidden champion" among Austrian sales trainers. For many of them, he has become a trusted advisor. He takes on the job of sorting, interpreting and winnowing the facts, he understands and condenses what is relevant to his customer's bottom line. This makes him a reliable sparring-partner, coach, researcher, explorer, guide and catalyst for positive change.

Sales Excellence - The program

Objective: All participants learn and practice systematically the attitudes and skills that are needed in today's sales environment, so that they can implement them in their everyday business life immediately.


  • Understanding and accepting your role as a sales-person
  • Understanding and influencing your client's/customer's decision - making process
  • Gaining rapport 1: smart talk instead of small talk
  • Gaining rapport 2: opening the call
  • Being interested: asking intelligent questions
  • Teaching the client/customer: presentations with impact
  • Understanding and dealing with customer/client resistance
  • Reaching agreement: committing yourself and the customer/client
  • Leaving

The didactic model is based on a mix of short inputs, individual and group exercises, case studies and generic role-plays. Each participant will work on an individual script.

This price includes all trainer's work, participant's scripts, seminar room, and beverages during the breaks. 20% VAT will be charged separately. Not included in this price are parking fees, hotel costs and expenses for lunch.

GUARANTIE: If a participant dislikes the training, he/she may return all the training materials during the first lunch break and he/she will get all your money back. No questions asked!

Last day of registration: September 11th 2015

Zuletzt aktualisiert am Dienstag, 29. September 2015 11:38

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