Die richtigen TrainerInnen,
BeraterInnen und Coaches

30 Jahre Erfahrung
mit Vertriebsentwicklung, Verkaufs- und Führungstrainings

Internationale Vertriebs- und Führungsprojekte mit langjährig bewährten PartnerInnen

Hohe Umsetzbarkeit durch
funktionierende Werkzeuge

Wir machen Trainings durch
Verkaufserfolge messbar

Train the Trainer
in Englisch und Deutsch

die für sich sprechen

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Our services: Over 10 years experience as a company, over 25 years of personal experience as sales consultants and sales trainers, local and international projects

> this means for you:

You are in good hands: safe investment

Customized programs: we pick you up from where you are and lead you to where you want to go - and you will get there!

We do not re-invent the wheel: best use of your ressources time, energy and learning power

Wide experience in industries: our students profit from the "big picture" as well as the specialist's point of view

Mature personalities: your people learn and grow in an atmosphere of trust and respect, they have fun while they are learning and come back to you with great ambition and motivation

We co-operate with an international network:

> this means for you:

Training in local languages: there is no better way than your mother tongue when dealing with professional communication

All our programs are also held in English:

> this means for you:

Grow your team:you can use all trainings to strengthen your multinational team, no matter what the topic

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